Toward a beautiful future for the earth's environment  with sustainable eco laboratories.

Research facilities grounded on ecological principles, which achieve safety and energy saving for equipment as a whole. These are Green Labs created by Oriental Giken. One part of this initiative is to promote the use of renewable energy sources such as sunlight. Other aspects of this green approach are the use of energy-saving and resource-saving equipment and devices, and the introduction of material and resource recycling systems.

Green Lab System

Striving toward a reduction in energy consumption
and greater laboratory transparency

グリーン ラボ

We aim to improve energy saving while paying special attention to the laboratory environment and guaranteeing safety, which is essential to any research facility. In these ways, our Green Lab System achieves sustainability.

Special Features

Operational information is converted into visual form and supplied to users
・Energy-saving rates can be verified
・Total air flow is displayed・Various types of alarm notifications
・Total equipment (group) exhaust quantities are displayed
・Equipment safety (performance) ensured

Energy-saving management

We utilize numerous systems and types of equipment to enhance energy saving. Optimum energy saving can be expected from our low-airflow and VAV models of energy-saving A-type low-airflow fume hoods (local ventilation equipment). Furthermore, motion detectors and our automatic sash closing system prevent operational waste and achieve greater operational energy savings. Our green fume hood ensures a 0% burden on the HVAC system.

Management features

Our green management system simultaneously achieves improved safety and energy saving in laboratories fitted with a number of fume hoods and other ventilation systems. The operational status of the ventilation equipment can be analyzed as all devices are connected to a remote management system by a high-speed communication system, and all operational information is fed back to the user. This reduces energy consumption of all equipment and boosts awareness of energy saving among researchers.

Energy saving in laboratory animal facilities

Our laboratory animal racks use individually ventilated caging systems. Ideal conditions within the cages are maintained as they are connected to exhaust ducts which enable the immediate removal from the room of the animals' heat load and metabolic substances. Cages are ventilated sufficiently (50–70 times per hour) but at the same time ventilation of the animal room is reduced to 5–10 times per hour, thus reducing the overall ventilation air volume. This reduces the electric power conveyance and thermal load consumption of the facility and thus saves energy.

Local ventilation device management

  • VAV Fume Hood SystemVAV Fume Hood System
  • Green Fume HoodGreen Fume Hood
  • Ductless Fume HoodDuctless Fume Hood
  • Low-Airflow Fume HoodLow-Airflow Fume Hood