Comfortable high-sensitivity laboratories focus on the intellect and the creativity of the researcher

A research facility must be a space able to house equipment and devices which support a variety of research activities, and in addition to this it must be an environment in which researchers are able to concentrate and maintain their drive over long periods of time, and freely exchange ideas and information. This is because a laboratory is more than a space for thought and discovery, it is a space which must be conducive to a high level of creativity, which is why we attach great importance to lighting, flow planning, and décor to create comfortable spaces. Designer's Labs are a totally new type of laboratory in which the creativity of each and every researcher is maximized.

Designer's Lab System

Design to meet
every need on-site

Our solutions encompass all aspects of laboratory construction: from the development and supply of equipment and devices perfectly suited to specific research themes, research environment consulting, space/environment design, to device maintenance management. As an expert group with a full knowledge of R&D facilities, we fulfill all the needs of those in the field and see ourselves as a partner company whose task it is to live up to the trust we have earned from client companies and laboratories.

Cooperation with top Japanese and international designers

Features of Designer's Labs are their innovative color schemes and ecological functionality, flexible space plans able to accommodate future space changes, etc., and innovative forms which easily exceed the traditional image of what a laboratory should be. The sensibilities and knowhow of designers working on the frontline are carefully drawn upon, and the possibilities of space design and interiors are explored without being fettered by existing concepts. These are revolutionary laboratories brought about through our cooperation with a number of Japanese and international laboratory designers.