Keeping a keen eye on world and era developments,
the ever-evolving and ever-broadening future
shape of laboratories is always in our sights

The Designer's Lab. The Green Lab. The Smart Lab. These are innovative concepts we have developed at Oriental Giken to clear the way toward new possibilities in the world of laboratories. We strive to create research environments that allow the knowledge and creativity of the researcher to shine to their full potential, facility operations that incorporate a global perspective and offer ecological sustainability, and management systems that use ITC technology smartly.
This determination to stay ahead of the times is underpinned by our refusal to be fettered by existing ideas and concepts, the sincere thought we give to our R&D vision of the future, and our unshakable pride in our position as a company with unparalleled knowledge of laboratories. We take on board the current trends, with precision and sensitivity, and carefully consider the needs of local communities and the environment. We will continue to take a multi-directional approach in our contribution to laboratory development and evolution.

Cutting-edge laboratories—Strategies and implementation

Our laboratory designs based on
research strategies and
vision have captivated researchers
and spawned innovation

The environment surrounding researchers and laboratories continues to change dynamically as it reacts to external factors such as international circumstances, the market, and research trends.
Coupled with our innovative laboratory designs, which have the flexibility to cope with these changes, we cooperate with a wide range of research institutions in order to give quality support to knowledge-based research activities, and thus apply cutting-edge design concepts, equipment technology, and operational knowhow.

Cutting-edge laboratories—Strategies and implementation

The Oriental Method has made cutting-edge research facilities and equipment possible.
The standard for next-generation laboratories begins here.


Laboratories planned sensitively in terms of interior and comfort help to maximize stimulation of the senses, creativity, and intellect of the researcher.


Ecologically sustainable laboratories created thanks to energy-saving equipment and devices, and environmental measures.


Next-generation laboratories which make full use of cutting-edge ITC technology, and integrate all data management and research environments into one smart management system.