Affiliated Companies

Renovation of research facilities

Design Laboratory Co., Ltd.
  • Streamlining of research tasks (improved quality)  Installation of new research facilities and devices
  • Improved laboratory environment and comfort  Improved laboratory space and researcher movement paths
  • Improved research facility functionality and performance  Facility energy saving and ecological measures Laboratory security measures

Our highly professional staff members, who are fully familiar with the research environments required by each business sector and research field, carry out laboratory renovations for ease of use, efficiency, energy saving and security, all from the perspective of the researcher.

  • Renovation
  • Relocation
Lab Service Co., Ltd.

Lab Services Co., Ltd., a member of the Oriental Giken Group, provides laboratory design, draft design, servicing and inspection services. We are the only work environment measurement agency in Japan which, as we are also an equipment manufacturer, can provide work environment measurement customized for the specific installation location.

  • Precise measurement carried out by environment analysis team
  • Improvements by consultants
  • Remote monitoring provided by smart lab
  • Onsite maintenance for fixing malfunctions